me at work the Movie about Prostitution and how i ended up with them

I presently work in Tijuana Mexico in a gentlemen’s club 5min from the US border. Been doing very well here cause of all the Americans who come for the "entertainment". If u like to lern more about visiting me visit our website
How I ended up with Docunography is a long story. The short version, I feel in love with a customer about a year ago, we lived together for 3 months but before we fell apart, his best friend had made the movie “Docunography” and we ended up with a arrangement that would benefit both ends. So here I am and hoping that their sells bring business in my direction.

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  2. Actually hoes always have something to sell ;their anus, mouths, and vagina going first.
    Offering pics is therefore just an advert to pickup on the obvious.
    Small wonder since few to no women play fair. It is about pimping a man using sex as bait.
    Prostitutes are not victims, they are the worst type of social pimps.